by Zippo Hebs

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"Love to the MicroKorg, MPC2500, Tape recorder and cassette technologies, various vinyl pizzas, Shure microphones, M-Audio boxes, all the tech that keep my existence somewhat grounded.
Love to the deviant and wayward sprites as well as the organized and hard working ants. Love to my fam, all of them; the cross-stitched spiderweb of individual personas that persist throughout my universe, whether they are around or not. Love to the hand of the midwest for allowing me to bite while feeding. Love to numbers for synchronizing my moments. Love to birds for surviving. Love to the ocean for fighting. Love to everything, really.
S/O to everybody who ever sensed me. I<3U"


the joke comes fully loaded and cut (C-krit side available)

EP available on iTunes

Brought to you by my broz @ Gammanh Creative

Praise Ohji


released February 22, 2016

Vocals, instrumentation, production, mastering and artwork by Zippo Hebs.



all rights reserved
Track Name: A. Stupidamountsoffakewasabi
On the island in the trees smokin spirits
So fleeting, buoy bells ringin can you hear it?
Forty seven peasants all dealing with life or death
Morning dew in every breath, and in my being
lil pep in my stride, bruh
night before was wild, how we lined up, how we lined up,
Outside of the club like "where the fuck is the bottle service...?"
Ya knowledge is deplorable,
Filtered through a gloryhole,
Diploma don't imbue ya with the fullness of pleroma
Some say that my theories too spun like dracona
ID's too large, too big for this beholder
Ignoring social norms
Let's get it formed in full
Cornucopia of issues
Raisin my cortisol
I'm growing up facin shit to do with it
hits the back burner while I keep existing in a
System made to shut us down
Keep the gold boarded up
Fuck it, let's knock it down
Keepin my shoulders shrugged
My parents taught me, if I got a talent, use it
Chase your dreams don't settle for inbetweens, you can do it
88 keys, they all black and white
BPM the key to movin chakras with the light
EDM's not me, I need expression from the mind
LSD my speed I need some acid for the night
Spread all on her sheets she tellin me to do her right
Feeling like a G, I got her comin on the pipe
Serenata for me in this cole world like Nat King
Always had a hunch my heart would get stuck in this Rap thing
Track Name: A. Head Jelly
What is life nowadays?
And who do I owe for my breath?
The concept of structure these days has collapsed now I focus on death
Layin in blackness my soul need a breather,
Too many friends now my circle needs space
I bought some papers lets
Burn the sativa
Back to the habits that hold me in place
I be erasin current ties that bind me, find me in a
Zoo outside of time in the cosmos, hiding from
Evils prophecised we confide in
I don't play mind games
Only on this plane till my time up
Destined to be mentioned with best-ofs
Even when he flexin just to do it, he finesses em
My standing doesn't matter, I'll
Play you like a celesta
All those sour chords you hittin leave the wrong impressions
...... the day these spirits catch up with me
Hell's freezing, flying piggies seem
Under the ocean where we first emerged
Plan on takin over the planet coastin on emberous verbs
All these barbies around me I'm in an
endless swerve
Bend and curve, friend of earth, send the hearse to nine twenty-three
Teeth shoved together in my cheek
Cyclic existence has a funny way of manifesting
Time minus wasted,
Parenthesis experience
Times every progression,
The sum of bein earnest
Fuck ya OS's
snapchat deez nuts, bitch
I'll run this thing smokin
Backwoods, backpackin on crutches
I have issues that contradict other issues I have
sedatives for elephants can't even put a dent in my ass
I tell stories out of order
That's why I don't tell stories
Didn't have to forage far, the path was laid out for me
Track Name: A. Wuza Fish
Double p-o h-e-b-s, he the the best, mothafucka
Got an S on his chest, but it stands for sex not super or something
Run up in your house, eat your butter
Meet me for lunch and get blunted beyond function
All three shapes fit inside one another
I'm my own force I
Refuse to be lumped in...
Hold your head up High
Our minds are on the rise, eyes cut through your disguise,
I'll ruin your motives and don't be surprised
Fruit of my labors baked into a pie
Voice of the dolphin and lord of the flies
Chosen by prophets to break all the ties
Facin facades like the cake is a lie
Got my Moby dickin
Got my Moby dickin
She wanna hug and kiss it
I'ma whale to all these fishes
I WISH I WAS A FISH ( no joke )
Track Name: A. Herbalreliefmobb
Line up, ride up with the clique
Flys fuck, slide up with the stick
Rub clockwise all on her clit,
Feel lit like zip where it is
Gold soul power flow through the wrist
Fuck bottles, dump out the cris,
Rack miles up all on the dash, Zip ride clean move cash,
Coke white sneaks, lil ash, no pipe dreams from a bag
Got my schemes from a flash in the pan,
Lizard king clan from japan, run like bolt from the man
I need that green like its ham
Me so sick, be bleeding phlegm,
Z-pack dumb, ain't work for him
See zach run, stop cursin him,
Sleestak blood, sting scorpion
.....Reinvention, redefine convention, redesign correction, realign your presence, breathe and Take a step in
The rabbit hole flexes, Axiom or nexus? Open rom or exit? Up to you;
Track Name: A. THD20
cripple my image for fun, fuck western medicine, bruh
Collapse offa my own sedatives, lyin like political staff
Put an end to the rhetoric, fuck the confederates, and they backwards asses
Flag half staff almost every day,
Back party alley, black cats in my way
Bag full of candy, been skatin the state
Numb, pretty face, want the d from the play
high away, far from technology like radar
Soylent streets out here, let's eat others face off
Never draw weapons, bring death with these bare hands
Used to be a Peasant, still am, with a rare chance
Rebel demon cookin to give ya Dysentery
Bendin time, Never even touched a rhyming dictionary
Beat the cosmic egg and scrambled every line to safety
Your mind is mine, motherfucker, close your eyes before you face me
Track Name: A. !!!
I feel the loser in me scoffing,
Funny headspace from these psychiatrics and coffee
Ya'll toffee soft, your Significant Other flash me like mardi gras
I see that haram shit you pushin, through my vision in my mind
....Running amok with the blunted bunch
Don't make attempts to negotiate with or hustle us
Funnel in my boca, pouring liquid cement inside try'n
solidify my vocals, I'm kind of an experimental guy
Look into your mind in a useless attempt to find
The key to livin perfection the way the higher's described, the fire kindled while movin bindles of cannabis tied with twine
Fission in my mental, on the verge of a spiral in two directions at the same time
Tell me how agricultures a crime again?
Sounds like a bunch of bullshit from leviathans
If you ain't on my level, then get the fuck out
This is my house, then I'll fuck up your couch
Lyin in bed all day I feel the world fade away
Not again,
The road ahead disappearing in haze
Every ion dedicated to illuminating the page
ectoplasmic flow causing distress on higher planes
I wish I could articulate every idea at once
But I guess if we divided, combinations all we got
I spit hotter then hellfire and slay with heavy shot
I spit hotter than anything, and u can... not