by Zippo Hebs

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introducing darkness


released November 15, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mids
<This is some somber shit though, don't get fucking pumped about it>

Lonely stoner, solely rolling doobies solo
I admit the crew if we got shit to do, but don't allow no takin photos
roach burns, blunt residue, on my sheets and my hoodies, and my fingers too,
days are blue, my arizona's too, I bought an O on the low, now my brain is stew, bitch
Oh, the flow, it's a miracle, sub-frozone, get the Theraflu, underdog, then i carried you, when your heart stop beating then I buried you,
under the trees, down by the lake
wind blew your hair in my face
can't believe in havin any other way cause you're really everything to me
You're special like K to me, got these funny little things that you did, and the
words that you said, and they did for me... whatever segue, next scene,
music: putting my two cents on my chest like a broke ass rapper,
video's hard cause I never know what I might do when i'm on that camera,
roll out with the one-two bruisers, nooses I'ma name you after,
take all the radio addicts out cause I've motherfucking had it,
I'ma master with this magic, bitch I'm elastic with this tongue,
got a masters putting you bitches on blast with a bachelors purchasing guns,
I'ma disaster, 911, six people, I bag them up,
the ripper, I am, the bullets, they jam, up in the barrel of the gun
the scoreboards one to none, I'm weeded and now I'm gone,
I'm blunted and outta my lyrics so now I'm done, fuck it
Track Name: SADDERDAYS/Popshit
Verse 1:
Girl, I see you with my eyes closed,
and go to sleep with em open
remember when I tried to overdose?
on benzos and QUIETiepine?

Remember when you said my music sucked?
now I'm banging shit that's better than those fucking rocks you bought
lines are cut with chalk, chop em and snort em off of the countertop,
we're all alone molly's in my nose and it's getting hot

subtract your clothing from your body you're a goddess, I'ma eat that pussy like it's royal, or oval office,
Sweating steady progress, I'm aiming to make you fall off, the bed and yell my name at the loudest that you can call it

After fuckin we ain't nothing but friends...
Come again

Verse 2:
Sellin some drugs, run up in the club, start shootin it up like montana,
coked up, soon as I'm outta my mind, pop in a full clip a banana, totin a hammer,
like fuck all the rules, we gotta be dangerous that's how we do,
lookin for molly, don't think she'll come through, cause all my connects locked up like the souix,
13 bugatti, roll on 22's, that's chrome, just like that heat to your dome, go home
if you can't fuck with my crew than you better stay sly like stone, this is my
fam this shit is my jam, i am exactly where i feel at home, I got my bammer,
mylanta and xan for when I be missin my Nana, for sales of the wax and the hash,
lean and the beans, plus an ounce in the trunk, bout to get my velveeta,
strapped with the bands and strapped with the heater, first make her dance, then I'ma eat her,
hop in the crowd and scream out the lyrics, promise you'll follow along when you hear it
I'm askin the mirror who's fairest, me, I ain't been this Bueller since Paris

Pop somethin if you ain't feelin love
Pop somethin if you ain't feelin love,
whether drugs or a gun, whether drugs or a gun, just
Pop somethin if you ain't feelin love (x2)